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1966 gto paint codes

Posted by bigal81 
1966 gto paint codes
May 28, 2007 11:41PM
I have a 66 gto with paint code on vin tag reading a number one,does anyone have any information on this
Re: 1966 gto paint codes
October 24, 2007 04:56AM
The paint codes are on the data plate located on the upper left firewall and there should be two Paint codes, one for upper and one for lower body colors. If your car was originally one solid color both letters would be the same, if your car was originally two colors there would be two different letters. (My GTO is Barrier Blue so the Paint code is P-P). The letters for paint colors are, A-Mission Blue, B-Blue Charcoal, C- Cameo Ivory, D- Fontaine Blue, E-Nightwatch Blue, H-Palmetto Green, K-Reef Turquoise, L-Marina Turquoise, N-Burgundy, P-Barrier Blue, R-Montero Red, T-Martinique Bronze, V-Mission Beige, W-Platinum, Y-Candelelite Cream. "Good luck"
Re: 1966 gto paint codes
May 08, 2008 05:05AM
Your #1 could mean 1 of 3 things:
1 denotes your paint is standard GM paint not a Pontiac color or:
1 denotes that it is a white (ivory) convertiable top or:
1 denotes that it is a white (ivory) vinyl top
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