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Original Jaguar E-Type
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Original Jaguar E-Type
by Philip Porter
Publised by Bay View Books
96 pages
ISBN: 1-870979-12-5

Original Jaguar E-Type is presented as a guide for the restorer and is well qualified towards that end. There is a lot of detailed information to guide a restoration project through the confusion that doing the job correctly entails. All years are dealt with, along with dates and notes regarding mid-year production changes, including VIN numbers. Parts availability and quality is also covered.

That might seem to make for a dull and uninspiring book. What prevents this from happening is the impressive photography. Credit Tim Andrew for a job well done, even if he does have one of the best subjects ever created. Hard cover.

Jaguar E-Type The Complete Story
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Jaguar E-Type The Complete Story
by Jonathan Wood
Published by Crowood Associates
199 pages
ISBN: 1-86216-147-0

Automotive historian and author Jonathan Wood attempts to cover all aspects of the E-Type. He does manage to do an admirable overall job, although he does not excel in any particular area. The C-type/D-type/XK120-150 heritage is well covered and includes interesting and rare photographs. Chapter seven, "Buying The Right E-Type" has useful information ("The fixed-head coupe, by contrast, is a far more practical car for round the year motoring . . .") for those looking to make the ownership plunge. In addition to being generous with text and photographs, "Jaguar E-Type The Complete Story" is also reasonably priced. Soft cover.

Jaguar E-Type (Sports Car Color History)
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Jaguar E-Type (Sports Car Color History)
by Matthew L. Stone
Published by MotorBooks International
128 pages
ISBN: 0-7603-0071-2

Although not as in-depth as "Jaguar E-Type The Complete Story" (above), "Jaguar E-Type" is worth reading and well researched. It seems to have been written with an American point of view, appropriate since approximately 80% of the E-types production went to "the states". Much is devoted to the marketing of the E-type, with a generous number of reproduced print. Soft Cover.

Jaguar Gold Portfolio
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Jaguar E-Type Gold Portfolio 1961-1971
Various authors
Published by Brooklands Books
180 pages
ISBN: 1-870642-79-1

Jaguar E-Type Gold Portfolio 1961-1971 is a collection of magazine articles on the Jaguar E-Type. Being reprints, the quality varies from muddy to very muddy. It's kind of difficult to give this book a raving recomendation since the journalistic effort is minimal compared to the other excellent offerings on the subject. The content quality varies as did the magazine articles. Even so, the historical perspective cannot be topped. Soft Cover.

Veloce Press Jaguar E-Type manual
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Jaguar E-Type 1967 - 1972 Owners Workshop Manual
Published by VelocePress
183 pages
ISBN: 1-58850-039-X

Workshop manuals are a necessity for anyone who owns a Jaguar E-Type, even if the work on the car that they intend to do is minimal. This book from Veloce Press covers the subject nicely. Clear high quality drawings showing assembly are offered as is easily understood text. The only criticism is that they seem to rely heavily on special tools to accomplish many of the tasks.

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