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Jaguar E-type history as told by the official factory site.
The premier site for Jaguar enthusiasts. Covers all Jaguar models and is a must visit for enthusiasts interested in the marque. Be sure to visit the E-Type section at
Excellent E-Type resource. Includes nicely detailed coverage of an extensive restoration project and an E-Type database. If you have, or know of an E-Type, take a few moments to add its information to the database. is clearly a labor of love and deserving of support from E-Type owners!
Personal page containing photographs and timeline of E-type development.
Commercial Jaguar sites list.
Excellent E-type site with abundant survival data for owners.
May 1961 Car and Driver article
In need of a laugh?
More information on the series of racing E-types known as "Lightweights".
View some impressive work from the Jaguar Model Club.
Bill McKenna is doing an impressive job restoring his 1963 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Fixed Head Coupe. It's an inspiration to those of us who dream of doing a restoration "right".
General E-Type information site.
JagSearch offers owner research facilities for owners of classic Jaguar and Daimler cars.

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