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Ferrari Enzo: Interior

Ferrari Enzo interior
Carbon Fiber plays a big part in the interior of the Enzo; it makes up all the main surfaces. Also visible is the HVAC ducting and portions of the steering column. The seats are made of (again) carbon fiber and the front surface is leather. Starting the Enzo is done with a prominent red "Start" button (below, middle). Instrumentation (below right) is a combination of analog and digital and includes a 10,000 RPM tachometer and a 250 mph speedometer. Ferrari Enzo interior
Ferrari Enzo carbon fiber interior Ferrari Enzo start button ferrari Enzo Instruments

So What's There Not To Like?

Ferrari Enzo Interior
Ferrari Enzo seats
Early Ferraris (say the 60s) had a reputation for being demanding of their drivers. Cockpit layouts could be illogical and inconvenient or worse. The Enzo departs from that philosophy in a big way. Ferrari spent considerable development time on what they refer to as the "man-machine interface". Quoting the brochure, it: "acquires greater effectiveness, which means putting the driver in the best possible condtion to exploit the car's extreme performance."

There is so much going on in the Enzo's steering wheel, a devoted page is necessary for full coverage. Click Here for details.

Ferrari Enzo window crank. In keeping with the extreme performance goal, power windows and their heavy motors are not part of the Enzo. Also missing are power door locks and a sound system. Ferrari Enzo window crank
Ferrari Enzo dash plaque

The signature of Enzo himself is reproduced on a plaque mounted on the center console. Fitted luggage is also included.

Ferrari Enzo pedal cluster Great automobiles look good even in areas that are not normally visible, and the Enzo proudly continues the tradition. This is the drilled aluminum pedal cluster. Note that there is a gas and brake pedal but no clutch. Gear changes are entrusted entirely to an electrohydraulic system which activates the gearbox and clutch. The far left has a dead pedal, useful considering the high cornering power of the Enzo.

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