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Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Enzo

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From the Ferrari Enzo press release:
"The stylistic theme developed by Pininfarina was to design a car without compromises, which broke away fromt he approach used for the GTO, F40 and F50 that preceded it, to develop a new formal language that looked to the future"

"Form Follows Function" has become an overused expression when the design of a supercar is described. With the Ferrari Enzo it is not an exageration and there is proof in the performance statistics. Ferrari rates the top speed of the Enzo at 217 mph. At that speed they have no choice but to design a car where aerodynamics is job one. To not do so would cause the Enzo to not reach its claimed speed or to become dangerous at that speed.

Ferrari F1 car, Enzo
Ferrari Enzo Ferrari is eager to make a connection between the Formula One car and the Enzo, as evidenced by the above photo from the press release. Left: The resemblance is also striking when viewed from above. The body forward of the windshield clearly mimics the Formula car with a wing also evident.

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Enzo
The Enzo's predecessors, the F40 and F50 (above) featured prominent wings. The Enzo (below) has a more subtle moveable air spoiler which deploys as needed, depending on the speed.
Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Enzo
Tail lights on the Ferrari Enzo are interesting. They are exposed on the top and are similar to some American designs from the 1950s. The effect is to visually lower the car.

Ferrari Enzo Styling Part II

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