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Ferrari F-50
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Ferrari F-50
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F50 Transmission

The transmission is one area where Ferrari departed from the "Formula One car for the street" approach to the F50. Current F1 technology uses paddles mounted behind the steering wheel to effect gear changes; activating one paddle will result in an upshift, the other a downshift. The gearchanges are computer controlled and the gears are moved by hydraulic actuation. This gives faster shifts than with manual operation, a critical advantage in racing situations. Instead Ferrari included a conventional manual shifter, gated as in the Ferrari tradition, with a carbon fiber shift knob.


Gear Ratios

First Gear: 2.933
Second Gear: 2.157
Third Gear: 1.681
Fourth Gear: 1.360
Fifth Gear: 1.107
Sixth Gear: 0.903
Reverse: 2.529
Clutch: dry twin plate, hydraulic actuation
Differential: plate type, limited slip, self locking, differential lock percentage in drive and release.

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