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F50 Tires, Wheels

Eagle F1 tire
F50 wheel

The most difficult job on a supercar is handled by the tires. They are the chief ingredient contributing to the phenominal 1.1g+ of grip the F50 is capable of.

The F50 tires were designed exclusively for the F50. They are best described as a street legal version of the Formula 1 rain tire. Manufactured by Goodyear, they have been given the designation Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-Fiorano (Fiorano is the name of Ferraris' private test track).

The wheels are a magnesium alloy and feature a single nut central attachment. They were designed with and are built by Speedline.

Wheel/Tire Specifications

Wheels, front: 8.5" x 18"; rear: 13" x 18"
Tires, front: 245/35 ZR 18; rear: 335/30 ZR 18
Inflation pressure: front, 35 psi; rear, 31 psi

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