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Each year a car manufacturer, model or sometimes an individual is selected as the "featured marque". Special events and displays are set up accordingly. Below is a listing of the past races and their honored marques.
1975 Alfa Romeo
1976 Jaguar
1977 Bugatti
1978 Mercedes
1979 Bentley
1980 MG
1981 Cunningham
1982 Porsche
1983 Ford
1984 Ferrari
1985 Alfa Romeo
1986 Mercedes
1987 Chevrolet
1988 Maserati
1989 Aston Martin
1990 Allard
1991 Juan Manuel Fangio
1992 Jaguar
1993 Miller
1994 Ferrari
1995 Lotus
1996 BMW
1997 Carroll Shelby
1998 Porsche
1999 Auto Union
2000 Maserati
2001 Bentley
2002 Corvette
Ferrari at Daytona display Ferrari at Daytona Display
Ferrari at Daytona Display As the featured marque in 1994 Ferrari went all out, including a display (above) celebrating their successes at Daytona. Left: The Ferrari transporter, manufactured by Fiat and a fixture of their 1960s Formula One efforts. The same vehicle had a cameo role in the movie "Grand Prix".
Vintage Jaguar on parade
A parade lap of the feaured marque is part of the festivities as in 1992 when these two vintage Jaguars participated.
Porsche factory banner Porsche Gone Racing sign
Vintage 356 Porsche
Porsche also put on an excellent show when they were invited in 1998 to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Lower right: Porsche number 1 was brought in from the factory museum in Stuttgart. Upper right: a "Gone Racing" sign took the place of cars on display as they took their turns on the track.
Ferrari Daytona race car on display Jaguar D Type on display

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