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Good and consistent detailing habits are the key to keeping your car looking good as long as possible.

Below is the guidelines we recommend. Think of them as a starting point. As you become more experienced as a detailer, your judgement will guide you regarding the cosmetic needs of your car.

Frequency: Every two weeks.

Wash/dry >>> Clay >>> Quick Rinse
After you have washed the car, give it the baggie test as outlined on the Claying page. If you feel the contaminants, do a clay treatment. Claying's big advantages - that it does not strip off the wax and the process is quick - makes it easy and painless to incorporate into your routine.
Frequency: Every four to six weeks.

Under most circumstances, a wax job is good for 60 to 90 days. If the paint surface is in good shape, consider skipping the polishing process. If you do go with a polish, use a product of minimal aggressiveness, as you only want to prepare the paint. How much the car is driven has a lot to do with when a new wax job is appropriate. Your best bet is to give the cars surface the wax test when you rinse it and let those results be your guide.
Frequency: Every 60 to 90 days

If your cars surface is in tough shape, the use of a cleaner is necessary. Circumstances that would require a cleaner treatment include an inadvertent coating of tree sap, over spray from when your neighbor painted their house or if the car is new to you or has otherwise been neglected.
Frequency: as necessary.
The "Task Rotation" method
What we have shown you may seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are a newcomer. How, you may ask, can anybody completely detail a car if only a part of a weekend is available? That's where the task rotation method comes in. It works like this:
Every detailing session includes a thorough wash treatment of the exterior. Then, on a rotating basis, another task is performed. One weekend might include doing the interior. Another may be dedicated to engine detailing. Subsequent sessions could include a wax job (as required), detailing the undercarriage and so on. If you are able to keep a consistent detailing habit of once every two or three weekends, you will develop a schedule that suits your needs and your car will consistently look great.
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