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Everyone needs a goal . . .
For the experienced car detailer, the car has to look "right". That may seem to be a vague statement, but there really is no better way to put it. It's the little things that add up. A detailing regiment that avoids scratches will prevent the surface from looking dull. Although it may not be obvious, seeing to the complete removal of all wax residue is also important.

When you are finished detailing the car, take a few minutes to look at it from a variety of angles. Think it over. Then ask yourself, "Does it look 'right'?"

The Big Wrap Up . . .
The products and techniques we've talked about here are best thought of as suggestions. They are by no means the final word on the subject. It is however, what we have found works well and feel comfortable with. But we encourage you to experiment, observe the results and make your own judgments. This is what a good detailer does. In doing so, you will become a better detailer and your car will look better.

So why do we do it? It is a lot of work . Family, friends and neighbors question your sanity. No matter how good a job you do, there is room for improvement. And the harder you work, the quicker it is undone by a mud puddle or tree sap.

Some people justify it by the envious reactions of friends and strangers who wish their cars looked half as good. Others point to the resale value of a car in excellent condition and insist that they are merely protecting their investment. Individuals who use left brain reasoning will tell you that a properly detailed car lasts longer.

But those who use such reasoning are missing the point. And if you consider washing your car to be a chore, then you are, shall we say, "not with the program". The real reason can be found in the automobile experience itself. Anybody can own a car. But having respect for the machinery by keeping it new despite the ravages of time, - well, that takes someone special.

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