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Jaguar E-Type, Part II
Jaguar E-Type Coupe drawing Jaguar E-Type OTS drawing
Jaguar E-Type Bodyshell The construction of the E-type consisted of a monocoque body shell with a space frame made of square tubing for the engine compartment. Left: Clearly visible in the drawing from the launch press kit are the substantial side sills, necessary for structural rigidity.
Below: An early E-Type under restoration reveals it's structure. More details on this impressive effort can be found at
Jaguar E-Type structure Jaguar E-Type structure

Jaguar E-Type Spinners Jaguar E-Type Spinner
Left: Series I E-type spinners, with the classic "ears". They were removed with a special hammer that was part of the tool kit supplied with every E-type. The hammer had two surfaces, one bronze, the other leather. Right: Diagram from the owners manual showing the post Series I knockoffs which had lost their ears in order to accommodate safety regulations. The hammer was replaced by a wrench for removing and tightening. Note the "UNDO" direction is clockwise for the right side of the car; normal practice for threaded applications is to have undo as counterclockwise. There is a reason for the non-conformity; the forward motion of the wheels prevents them from loosening.

Jaguar E-Type Rear Suspension Jaguar E-Type Rear Suspension
The E-Type rear suspension (left, factory photo) and installed (right). In 1961 an independent rear suspension was considered advanced technology. The Jaguar E-type featured both excellent handling and a comfortable ride, similar to what is expected in modern cars. It is an impressive feat, considering that the E-Type engineers were not able to take advantage of the computer aided design systems available today. The E-Type rear suspension is also popular with American hot rod builders. Not only does it look good and work well, the subframe design allows it to be easily installed in other applications. Note the use of the four coil over shock absorber arrangement, two on each side.

Click here to view an exploded diagram of the E-Type rear suspension.

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