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1) Series I E-types were equipped with triple HD.8 SU carburetors. What does SU stand for?

A) Service Unlimited
B) Skinners Union
C) Sam Ulster
D) Saints Unfortunate

2) Which of the following is an incorrect completion of the following statement? The Jaguar Series I and II XK engine

A) is an inline six cylinder design.
B) contained four valves per cylinder.
C) featured two overhead camshafts.
D) had cylinder heads made of aluminum alloy and a cast iron block.

3) All Jaguar E-types featured four wheel disc brakes.

True False

4) Automatic transmissions were not available on the Series I and Series II E-type roadsters.

True False

5) The last year for the Jaguar E-type was:

A) 1974
B) 1975
C) 1976
D) 1977

6) The Series III Jaguar E-type

A) featured a V12 engine.
B) was (for a short while) built in Springfield MA.
C) was not available as a coupe.
D) featured all wheel drive.

7) Covered headlights were replaced by an open headlight design

A) with the introduction of the Series III model.
B) with the introduction of the 4.2 liter engine.
C) with the introduction of the 2+2 coupe.
D) to accommodate US government regulations.

8) Engine displacement on the Series I was increased from 3.8 to 4.2 liters in

A) 1964
B) 1965
C) 1966
D) 1967

9) The E-type was equipped with gauges manufactured by

A) Smiths
C) Borg-Warner
D) AC Delco

10) Jaguar produced a series of racing E-types known as

A) Faster Kittys.
B) Cobras.
C) the Cooper S.
D) lightweights

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