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2005 Pontiac GTO
The news for the 2005 Pontiac GTO was good. Pontiac, which could have just taken a break and enjoyed another year of GTO success decided to up the ante. The reason behind the GTO - the engine - was improved significantly. The 2005 C6 Corvette was assigned a new engine (with a new designation: LS2) and the Pontiac GTO inherited all the upgrades. Engine displacement went from 5.7 liters (5665 cc. / 346 cu. in.) to 6.0 liters (5970 cc. / 364 cu. in.). Horsepower went from 350 hp to 400 hp. A list of other improvements included:
  • Camshaft lift increased to take advantage of increased cylinder head flow
  • Engine redline raised to 6500 rpm (2004 LS1 engine went to 6000 rpm)
  • Camshaft sensor relocated from the rear of the block to the front of the block provides room for new oil galleries
  • Flat-top piston design with lower ring tension which reduced friction
  • More efficient ignition coils requiring less energy to provide a comparable spark
  • Compression raised to 10.9:1
  • Larger, 90-mm single-blade throttle body
  • Reduced-mass water pump design with improved sealing capability
  • New aluminum block casting with revised oil galleries and provisions for external knock sensors - external sensors improve serviceability
  • Revised and more powerful engine controller incorporates all electronic throttle control functions.
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2005 Pontiac GTO
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