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Pontiac GTO Press Release
PONTIAC'S NEW GTO OPTION HAS BUILT-IN SPORTS CAR APPEAL Pontiac Motor Division has announced an exciting new 1964 sports car option called the GTO (Grand Turissimo Omologato). Using a basic Tempest design, it will be available in the LeMans two-door coupe and convertible. E.M. Estes, General Motors vice president and Pontiac general manager, said the GTO affords Pontiac customers an even greater opportunity to choose an automobile that more closely fits their personal needs and tastes. "GTO is a significant addition to Pontiac's list of individualized sports car developments," Estes said. Along with many performance options that enhance the sports car theme, the GTO has its own special styling features including bucket seats, an engine-turned aluminum instrument panel applique and stylized air intake castings on each side of the hood panel. The GTO standard equipment engine is a 389 cubic-inch V-8 that develops 325 horsepower. It has a 10.75:1 compression ratio and a four-barrel carburetor. A three-speed, floor shift synchromesh transmission and dual exhaust are standard. Four-speed synchromesh and automatic transmissions are available.

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Built in a 115-inch wheelbase, the GTO has heavy duty, wide rim wheels for greater lateral stability and 7.50 x 14 red stripe, premium cord tires are standard. White wall tires of the same size may be ordered at no extra cost. A four-speed synchromesh transmission with floor shift and an automatic tranmission with a steering column shift are optional. When the optional console is ordered with the automatic transmission, the shift lever is on the floor. A tachometer is offered also as optional equipment. The GTO suspension is sprung similar to other sports cars, providing a firm ride in keeping with the carÍs design. An optional, even firmer ride package is available and includes a 20 to 1 steering gear ratio for quick turning. The GTO initials appear on the radiator grille, rear quarters and deck lid, while a GTO triangular crest is mounted on the front fender and the instrument panel. All other optional equipment for the LeMans series is available with the GTO.
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