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More help for the enthusiast looking for Pontiac and Ferrari GTO information:

GTO Red Book
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GTO Red Book
by Peter C Sessler
Publised by Motorbooks International
96 pages
ISBN: 0-87938-611-8

"Small but Mighty" could be the boastful, but accurate description of this fine book. It is the ultimate reference source for Pontiac GTO enthusiasts. All years are covered in detail, with production statistics, options details, model change notes and more. An excellent resource for those who want to be accurate regarding Pontiac GTO information. The "GTO Red Book" proved to be quite useful during research for the WebCars! Pontiac GTO page, which is a recomendation. Contains a few black and white phtotographs.
GTO 1964-1967
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GTO 1964 - 1967
by Paul Zazarine
Published by MBI Publishing Company
128 pages
ISBN: 0-87938-539-1

This is a book for serious Pontiac GTO enthusiasts. With only four models years covered, author Paul Zazarine seems to be saying that they are the height of the Pontiac GTO. It is beautifully photographed, with almost all pages containing color photos. Considering the price, it is a bargain. The text is first rate too, with an in depth history of pre GTO Pontiac performance and the inside story of how the Pontiac GTO came to be. Also admirable are the ads that are reproduced and details on how to best option a Pontiac GTO.
Pontiac Muscle Cars
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Pontiac Muscle Cars
by Mike Mueller
Published by MBI Publishing Company
96 pages
ISBN: 0-87938-863-3

A lot of the same praise for "GTO 1964 - 1967" applies to Pontiac Muscle Cars although since the book is physically smaller the photographs do not come off as well. They are however well done and in generous quantity. "Pontiac Muscle Cars" has a lot of ground to cover in only 96 pages and even if some details were omitted, the overall message is still accurate and enjoyable.
Ferrari 250 GTO
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Ferrari 250 GTO
by Keith Bluemel with Jess G. Pourret
Published by Bay View books
192 pages
ISBN: 0-901432-15-7

This is an exhaustive book in which no detail regarding the Ferrari GTO seems to have been overlooked. The authors clearly did a herculean job, with an incredible amount of information and photographs offered. Interesting details are abundant; for example s/n 3589 GT was for a time owned by the Victoria Texas High school for their automotive shop students to practice on! Photographic proof is offered. An individual detailed history of all Ferrari GTOs is included. Although it is about a car whose ownership is a rather exclusive "club", Ferrari 250 GTO is nicely down to earth. It is also a relief that in these days of Ferrari books being pricey (like the cars), the cost for this excellent book is reasonable.

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