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Unfortunately there has not been much published on the Lamborghini Miura. Most items are OOP (Out Of Print) so you're best bet may be ebay.

Lamborghini Miura book The Lamborghini Miura Bible: By noted Miura expert Joe Sackey, is clearly an excellent read and VERY well researched. High quality recent along with period photos are available. Including the word "Bible" in the title is not an exaggeration; the information included is both extensive and well presented. Clearly a labor of love and highly recommended for all car enthusiasts.

Lamborghini Miura book Lamborghini Miura by Peter Coltrin and Jean-Francois Marchet. Their subtitle "The definitive analysis fo Lamborghini's sensational V-12 supercar" says it all quite accurately. It is a very thorough work with an abundant amount of detail. For example, at the back a listing of every production Miura is offered. Many factory photographs are included. Highly recommended. Unfortunately it's been out of print for some time; fortunately it's easy to find on ebay. Expect to pay about $50.

Car and Driver 8-67 The April 1967 issue of Car and Driver featured a "Technical Report: Lamborghini's Sizzling Sidewinder". The Miura was a very innovative design in 1967 and the car enthusiast world wanted to know more. The issue obliged with with all the necessary technical details. All the important bits are discussed in the seven page article, including the drivetrain, chassis, suspension etc. Driving impressions are offered, but performance test results are missing.

Road and Track, April 1970 This was a report on the new up and coming Miura and for many American enthusiasts this was their introduction to a very significant car. A definitive report wasn't possible as the Miura was still under development. Road test information was not offered, although positive comments from the point of view of a passenger were included. The predicted list price of $12,850 (we wish!) was low by about $7000.

Also: the October 1999 issue of Road & Track issue is worth looking at. The Salon piece is on the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 and the Miura. The design evolution of both cars are discussed and some nice photographs as well as early design sketches are offered.

Road and Track October 1966 "…we were cruising along at a sedate 120, enjoying the scenery, when all of a sudden there was a Porsche 911S behind us, flashing its headlights and telling us to get out of the way. Normally, polite souls that we are, we'd do just that. But not in the Miura S; instead we shifted down two gears and left the 140 mph Porsche a speck in the rear view mirror". That brief example told the readers of the April 1970 issue of Road and Track a lot about the Miura. The issue included a thorough road test and the usual technical and performance statistics. At the time, at 168 mph, it was the fastest road car they had ever tested and it also set a record for cornering power at .85g+.

The April 1970 issue was notable for other reasons; it contained road tests for two other cars that would be quite significant in the '70s: the Datsun 240Z and the Porsche 914. The "11 LITER GT FROM MERCEDES BENZ" promised on the cover is actually a test of a new Mercedes garbage truck, all part of the traditional April fool issue.

Thoroughbred & Classic Cars July 2000 The Thoroughbred & Classic Cars July 2000 issue is probably the best article available on the Miura. It has the distinct advantage of being able to look at all iterations of the Miura from the 30 years later vantage point. The nine page article is full of excellent details and many high quality color photographs. It was done in conjunction with the Miura reunion, organized by Joe Sackey and ending at the Concorso Italiano event on August 18 2000 in Carmel Valley CA. The only quibble might be their inclusion of the SVJs as a distinct Miura model. It's a necessary part of any enthusiast's collection.

The Complete Book of Lamborghini "The Complete Book of Lamborghini" by Pete Lyons covers all Lamborghini models from the 350 GT to the LM 004, a strange AWD off road vehicle. The Miura coverage is quite good, with lots of information on the Jota. Worth the price is a conversation with Bob Wallace, the race car engineer responsible for much of the Miura. Unfortunately, "The Complete Book of Lamborghini" is out of print. You might find it via Amazon's book finder service or on ebay. ISBN is 0-517-66715-4.

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Miura Yellow "Hot Wheels" Lamborghini Miura is part of the Jay Leno Collection from Mattel. The other cars in the collection are a Shelby Cobra, a Shelby Mustang and a Jaquar E-Type. Scale is 1/64. Only the rear bonnet opens. Limited and numbered edition; easily available on ebay. Expect to pay $10 to $15.

Lamborghini Miura model Lamborghini Miura model

1:18 Lamborghini Miura scale model from Anson Collectables. Nice model with a few technical irregularities that are common with such endeavors. The rear lists it as a Miura SV, yet it has the headlight "eyelashes" that were eleminated with that model. The tail lights also seem to be out of proportion. The front and rear bonnets work nicely and the wheels turn when told to do so by the steering wheel. Details aside, this model nicely captures the Miura and should be a part of any enthusiasts collection.

Miura Reunion video "The 35th Anniversary Miura Reunion At the Concorso Italiano 2000" documents the event nicely. It was produced by an enthusiast and it shows, which is a welcome relief from the way these cars are usually treated. It won't win an Emmy, but if you want Miuras on your TV screen you should have a copy. They do a good job of documenting all 26 of the Miuras that attended the event. For more information, contact Richard Adams, 112 Cuesta Drive, South San Francisco, CA. 94080.

The Italian Job "The Italian Job" A full length feature movie starring Michael Cain and Noel Coward. 1969. The plot: Michael Cain schemes to steal some gold bullion. The movie is famous amongst Miura fans for the opening sequence which shows a Miura driving through the Swiss Alps. Just close your eyes as it enters the tunnel if you're sensitive. The rest of the movie is not recommendable unless you like car chases featuring British Minis. Click here to buy this video from Amazon.com

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