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Lamborghini Miura seat Lamborghini Miura door panel
Above left: Miura seat Interior accomodations are roomier than one would expect. The Miura was clearly optimized for drivers between 5' 8" and 5' 10". At about 6' 1" the top of your head rubs on the headliner. Right: Door panel. Below: Bertone script on the door sill.
Bertone side sill plate

Lamborghini Miura headrests
The headrest mounting was one of the many design innovations on the Miura. The conventional approach is to make them part of the seat; in the Miura they were fixed to the rear firewall. The rear window was a double thickness plexiglass called "VisRam" which offered the passengers protection from engine heat and noise. This view shows how close the occupants ears are to the engine; they are literally only inches from the Weber carburetors! The sound sensations are just one of the many rewards of Miura ownership. Many Miuras do not have a radio or sound system. The car is so noisy that it would be unable to compete with the engine, as if an owner would want such a contest.

Lamborghini Miura center console
Miura center console. The gated shifter has gears one to four in a typical "H" pattern, with fifth to the right and forward. Reverse is to the right and back; note the manual lockout mechanisim which prevents accidental reverse selection. Between the shifter and the gloves are the two electric window controls. To the right of the window controls is the cigar lighter. This Miura is a US specification car so the ignition switch is mounted on the steering column. Non US spec cars had the ignition to the left of the electric window controls. Behind and to the right of the shifter is the windshield washer switch.

Lamborghini Miura Glove box Lamborghini Miura handbrake, heater vents

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