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Lamborghini Miura Interior

Lamborghini Miura interior

Is there a more desireable cockpit anywhere?

Lamborghini Miura Steering Wheel Lamborghini Miura pedal cluster
Left: Miura steering wheel was trimmed in leather. The earliest P400s had a wood steering wheel. Right: The Miura pedal cluster, which was floor mounted. All three pedals - clutch, brake and throttle - required a high effort. The pedals were mounted far to the right, a necessity since the forward driver position meant that the feet were close to the front axle.

Lamborghini Miura roof console
Very Sexy: Roof console contained switch gear for the headlights, interior lights, auxilliary lights, HVAC fan, windshield wiper and auxilliary radiator cooling fan. This is a later Miura which features rocker switches; earlier Miuras had toggle switches which ran afoul of safety regulations.

Lamborghini Miura gauge cluster Lamborghini Miura passenger grab handle
Above left: Miura gauge cluster. Left to right, from the top: Water tempertature; Oil temperature; Oil pressure; Fuel level; Ammeter and Clock. RIght: Considering the performance potential of the Miura, the passenger grab handle was probably often used and appreciated! Below is the speedometer (left) and tachometer. This speedometer is in kilometers and the maximum 320 kph. indication is equivalent to 198 mph. Note that it does not read below 40 kph, confirming the Miura's destiny as a high speed machine. US cars had speedometers calibrated in mph. The tachometer read to 10,000 rpm and had no recommended redline, although the official word from Lamborghini was no more than 7500 rpm. All Miura gauges were manufactured by Jaeger.
Lamborghini Miura speedometer, tachometer

Miura Interior, Part II

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