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The Miura went through a number of changes, before the first car to be sold (with a manufacture date of March 1967) was produced. The battery was moved from the central frame tunnel to the front compartment. The model designation was P400, with the "P" short for "Posteriore" a reference to the engine location, which was behind the driver and 400 was short for 4.0 liters, which was the engine displacement. The chassis, which was a deep section steel platform using spot welded construction, was made of .9 mm steel for the first 125 cars and 1.0 mm. for all subsequent cars. The Miura used suspension parts found on the 400GT wherever possible. The rack and pinion steering was Lamborghini built and designed.

Lamborghini Miura opened
Bertone press photo courtesy of Mark Jordan
It isn't easy to use the words "practical" and "Lamborghini Miura" in the same sentence, but when you talk about access for servicing, they do go together. The Bertone design included clamshell opening for both the front hood and the engine compartment that hinged at the ends of the car. The two major body panels, made of aluminium, were easily removable for major servicing. The transverse mid-engine design allowed for two luggage compartments, although they did not add up to a significant amount. The doors and the main body section were made of steel.

The Miura body was not developed in a wind tunnel, which was an unobtainable luxury for small Italian car makers in the 1960s. Most accounts give the Miura good marks in the aerodynamics department, with only minor lifting or "lightness" of the front at the highest speeds. Various techniques helped, although some reports indicate that it was always a Miura problem. Much of the Miura development was in the hands of Bob Wallace, a New Zealander with excellent credentials as a race car engineer and a test driver.

Build quality on the Miura varied, with gradual improvements as the car matured in its production. 108 production Miuras were built in 1967. The USA price was $19,250.

Colin  Chapman, Jimmy Clark discuss the Miura Factory Miura
Lotus boss Colin Chapman and race car driver Jimmy Clark discuss the Miura. THAT would be a conversation worth listening to!
1967 Lamborghini Miura

Miura Evolution, Part IV
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