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1971 Lamborghini Miura SV

Lamborghini Miura side intake louvers Lamborghini Miura side intake louvers
Side intake louvers located on the door to the rear of the passenger and driver's windows. They were functional and fed air to the engine intake. As a styling cue they were representative of the superb detail and design work from Bertone, the carrozzeria (coach builder) to whom credit for the shape of the Miura belongs.

Lamborghini Miura engine louvers
A set of six louvers covers the engine compartment and is a Miura trademark. The louvers are all that seperate the Miura's engine, including the glorious sounds it produces, from the outside world. A sheet of plexiglass was first used on the prototypes but was replaced by the louvers which allowed engine heat to escape.

Lamborghini Miura wheel Lamborghini Miura wheel center
The Lamborghini wheels (left) were a true knock-off design from the beginning. Note the splined hub interface (right). Below: The wheel manufacturer was Campagnolo.
Campagnolo wheel label

Miura Styling, Part II

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