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Miura specifications as on Lamborghini brochure detailing the P400, including spelling errors. The specifications were on the last page of the eight page brochure and were in Italian, French, English and German. Click here to view a scan of the English portion of the spec sheet.


2 seater club coupé
Sheet steel and light alloy construction
Front and rear dumper hoods
Spare wheel, battery and tool kit int the front can
Headlights partly retractable
Dynamic air intakes drawn from the main section
of the car

In boxed and light weight sheet
Overall length     mm. 4360
Overall width     mm. 1760
Overall height     mm. 1055
Wheelbase     mm. 2500
Track (front and rear) mm. 1412

12 cylinders 60° V engine with gearbox and diffe-
rential built into the same block
Block in aluminum alloy
Power 350 CV DIN at 7000 RPM
Compression ratio:9,8 : 1
Crankshaft seven main bearings with connecting
rods per throw.
Distribution 4 overhead camshafts
Fuel system with 4 triple body Weber carburettors
Two coil ignition system
Forward mounted water radiator with two ther-
mosstatically controlled fan
Lamborghini gearbox with 5 speeds plus reverse,
all synchronized
Differential self locking
Brakes: twin circuit Girling discs on the 4 wheels
Rack steering.
Suspension independent on the 4 wheels with
telescopic Shock-absorbers
Wheels 7.00x15 Atesia alloy
Tyres: Pirelli HS Cinturato 210 x 15

Maximum speed:
300 Km/h road version
Fuel consumption CUNA 17-19 lt. per 100 Km.
Weight 980 Kg.

(Miura specifications as on Lamborghini brochure detailing the P400S, including spelling errors)



2 seater Berlinette (Bertone)
Monocoque steel construction
Front and rear dumper hoods
Spare wheel and batterie housed in the front boot
Rear trunk capacity: 140 liter (8.5 cu. in.)
Retractable halogen headlights
Electrically operated windows
Laminated windscreen - tinted glassess

Engine, trasmission
V12 (60°) inboard transverse rear engine in unit with differential and gearbox
Capacity 3929 cm3 (82 x 62 mm) or 240 cu. in. (3.22 x 2.40 in.)
Compression ratio 10.7 : 1
Maximum power: 370 bhp at 7700 rpm
Maximum torque: 39.5 mkg (289 ft. lbs.) at 5500 rpm
Light alloy cylinderblock and heads
7 crankshaft bearings
2 x 2 overhead camshafts
Single ignition system orperated by 2 x 1 distributors
Cooling system: cross - flow radiator and twin electric fans
Lamborghini 5 speed + reverse all synchromesh gearbox; constant velocity
final drive shafts
Electrical equipment: 12 V - batterie 72 AH - alternator 450 KW

All-steel bodywork of monocoque constrution
Indipendent front and rear suspension consisting of double transverse
wishbones with coil springs, telescopic Koni dampers and anti-roll bar
fron and rear
Girling ventilated disc braking on all four wheels operated by two vacuum
servo-units with independent circuits to front and rear brakes: rear pressure rise valve
Magnesium wheels 7" x 15"
Low profile tyres GR/70-VR 15

Dimensions, weight
Wheelbase: 2504 mm (98.5")
Track front and rear: 1412 mm (55.6")
Length 4390 mm (172.8")
Width: 1780 mm (70")
Height 1100 mm (43.3")
Curb weight (with oil and coolant): 1245 kg (2744 lbs)

Top speed: over 280 km/h (174 mph.)
Acceleration on 1 staning km: 24.2"

Lamborghini factory postcard Lamborghini Miura factory specs
(Miura SV specifications as on the back of a factory Lamborghini postcard reproduced above, including spelling errors)

Engine: V 12 (60°)
Capacity: 3929 cm3
Compression ratio: 10,7 : 1
Maximum power: 385 bhp
Max. torque: 40,7 Imkg (289 f. lbs.)
Max. R.p.m.: 7850
Tansverse rear engine
Gearbox: 5 speeds + reverse
Suspension: front and rear indipendent with
         double transverse wishbones
n. Seats: 2
Dry weight: 1245 Kg. (2840 lbs.)
Top speed: 290 km/h
Acceleration (1 standing km: 24")

P400S Performance tests, per Autocar 8/13/70

Top speed: 173 mph (7,550 rpm)
0 - 60 mph: 6.7 seconds
0 - 100 mph: 15.1 seconds
Standing 1/4 mile acceleration: 14.5 seconds
Fuel consumption: 13.4 mpg

P400 Performance tests, per Motor 6/17/67

Top speed: 171 mph
0 - 60 mph: 6.0 seconds
0 - 100 mph: 13.4 seconds
Standing kilometer acceleration: 27.0 seconds

P400S Performance tests, per Road and Track April 1970

Top speed: 168 mph (7,375 rpm)
0 - 60 mph: 5.5 seconds
0 - 100 mph: 12.3 seconds
Standing 1/4 mile acceleration: 13.9 seconds
Fuel consumption: 13.9 mpg

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