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Development of the Miura was constant throughout it's production life, and the first model designation upgrade, "Miura S", appeared in December 1968. Changes to the engine in the form of larger intakes and different combustion chamber were part of the improvements. The factory claimed a horsepower increase to 370 hp (from 350 hp) but knowlegable sources indicate it was really much less. They also got chrome treatment on the windshield and window frames as well as the surround rings on the headlights. The changes were not consistent, and later in the production of the "S" constant velocity joints and ventilated disc brakes were fitted. Upgrades in the rear suspension also appeared.
Lamborghini Miura S Introduction Lamborghini Miura S script
Lamborghini Miura AC controls Above Left: Miura S makes its debut at the Turin Auto Show in 1968.
Above Right: Script for "S" models on the rear panel. "S" stood for "Spinto"; the literal translation is "Pushed" but in Miura-speak is "Tuned".
Left: Air Conditioning became available (adding $800 to the price) during the "S" production, with the controls on the horizontal portion of the dashboard in front of the passenger. It's usefullness was minimal according to some owners.
Althought its resources were stretched to the limit, the small engineering staff accomplished a not so minor task: they were able to keep importing the Miura to the United States. Starting in 1968, significant pollution control and safety standards were required of cars sold in America and many car companies stopped producing cars for that market, saying that it was too difficult. The Miura continued to be available, which makes you wonder about the companies that walked away grumbling. Meeting the requirements had another effect. Because of them, Lamborghini was forced to make the affected portions of the Miura more consistent which made for a better car.

Miura Evolution, Part V
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